Funeral Service £200


*Committal Service £50*

* No charge for under 18 years *

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought a sudden change to everything we do, and this includes funerals. We now find ourselves faced with the truly awful, yet necessary fact that we cannot organise or attend a funeral in the traditional / normal way. In some cases, we may find ourselves unable to see or say goodbye to our loved one and this, on top of our grief, will be extremely difficult.

For the vast majority of people, having the opportunity to say a final farewell is imperative. So how do we do that?

Well, we need to think differently about funerals. We need to find ways to adapt and look for new ways to say goodbye. In embracing the need to adapt, we can focus on the things we ‘can do’ rather than on the restrictions.

As a funeral celebrant, there are several ways I can help bereaved families say farewell to their loved ones – from the current restricted numbers funeral service to ‘virtual’ funeral services, webcasts and a Home Service Template, to memorial services / celebration of life services at a place of your choice in the future.

As ever, I am here to support you in whatever way I can.

Stay safe and stay well.

In our increasingly secular society, more and more bereaved families are looking to ensure their loved ones funeral is a celebration of them and their life. As a funeral celebrant I will work in partnership with you, to carefully plan and conduct the funeral service with feeling and warmth. It will be a unique celebration of the life of someone special. As a funeral celebrant leading a service is a great honour to me and you can be sure that it will be a moving and memorable ceremony.  If you would like me as your loved ones funeral celebrant, give the funeral director my details - you have the freedom to choose. 

Memorial Service £POA

A memorial service is a ceremony memorialising someone who has died and can take place anytime after the death. The main difference between a funeral service and a memorial service is that the body of the person who has died, will not be there. The service can be held at any location, with people choosing locations with personal significance. These include at the family home or garden, at a favourite restaurant, a hall or club. 

Pre-Planned Funeral Service £80

By pre-planning what will be said at your Funeral, what music will be played, any poems or readings you might like, whether you would prefer mourners to not wear black and whether you wish to have any religious content, puts you in control and enables you to be sure the ceremony will be everything you want it to be.

Fee includes

* A two hour one-one meeting with you at a venue of your choice, along with any family or friends you want to be there.

* The writing of the Tribute or Eulogy

* Writing your complete Funeral Ceremony

* Putting together your Order of Service

* Making contact with your chosen funeral director to have them document your preferences.

Wanda Barnard     *    Telephone: 07732113521       *    Email: [email protected]

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