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Naming Ceremony 

A celebrant-led naming ceremony  is a beautiful way of celebrating the birth of a new baby. It is a unique occasion to share with family and is a lovely way to celebrate and welcome adoptive children and step children . Your naming celebrant naming ceremony will be unique and specially written to be a day you will always remember.

Parents can choose promises to make to the child, as well as promises to make to each other. Other members of the family and supporting adults will also be able to make promises to the child

Naming Ceremony from £280

Initial Consultation

Access to readings and poetry resources

Skilfully written personalised ceremony

Unlimited revisions and rewrites

Regular contact throughout process

Heartfelt delivery of your naming ceremony

An embossed copy of your ceremony script.

 I am an Essex based  family and wedding celebrant but am available throughout the UK and abroad.

Wanda Barnard     *    Telephone: 07732113521       *    Email: [email protected]

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